Legal information

The fantasy ID cards supplied by are intended exclusively for private use and are to be understood as “joke articles”. The fantasy ID cards and cards are only a sample or a novelty, which (s) may not be used in public transport. They have no official status and are not official documents or certificates. They may not be used in legal traffic . In addition, they do not transfer any rights or privileges to the owner.

Providing false or fraudulent information is prohibited and may be illegal. This means, first and foremost, the use of the cards supplied by for proof of age or status, especially with incorrect information about your own identity and / or age.

The products supplied by are understood not as some kind of proof and must not be used as such. The cards are neither official, nor are they to be understood as copies / forgeries, or for attempts at processes such as with an existing, original, official card. The misuse of our ID cards is illegal, regardless of whether as a result of inaccurate presentation, fraud, public abuse or otherwise.

By purchasing our products, the customer assures that he / she is the one of iddirect. de will not use the provided fantasy ID cards in legal transactions, publicly or for illegal purposes. is in no way liable for any (direct, indirect, accidental, special, typical, consequently) loss or damage caused by the use of our ID cards. In case of doubt, the customer releases us from all of our own damage and damage caused by third parties.

Possession of our fantasy ID cards can be prohibited or illegal in some regions. It is the responsibility of the customer to check whether possession of these cards is permitted in your region before purchasing a card from us.

If in doubt or if you have any further questions, please do so Always consult a lawyer before use to be sure that the use you are planning to make will not make you punishable.