Yes, because we do not offer counterfeiting or imitation in the strictest sense. From a legal standpoint, our documents are genuine. The production, possession and keeping of a fantasy passport is legal or permitted. Please note that the ID card may not be used in legal transactions.

You can find more here -> Legal information.

We are a young start-up from Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg. Our ambition is to produce alternative means of identification that can be used for private use.

Yes, your payment is secured. We have also registered a legal business in Germany, pay taxes and are transparent.

Our ID cards look like the pictures. They are printed on CR-80 blank or white high-quality PVC cards in „credit card“ format. They have a resolution of 300 dpi and dimensions of 85.6 mm wide and 54 mm long.

No, unfortunately this is not possible due to the high order quantity. You can find references on Instagram or on our product photos.

No, that's forbidden. Our ID cards are only intended for private use. If you try to misuse your ID, you will be punished and face criminal consequences.

No, our ID cards are only intended for private use. They do not serve as proof of age or status and do not confer any privileges.

No, that would be forbidden. We only sell the fantasy ID cards offered on our website. Requests in this regard will be ignored and if requested multiple times reported.

Yes, we laminate them.

Yes, in order to achieve a certain authenticity, our Photo IDs have a hologram.


Paypal, Credit Cards, Klarna, Apple Pay. You can find more here -> Payment methods

After your money has reached us, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation from us. If you have not yet received a payment confirmation from us, your money has not yet reached us. Your bank will provide you with information on the duration of the transfer.

When paying with PayPal, your money should reach us immediately. If you have the feeling that we should have received your payment long ago, please contact our support. It happens in individual cases that no purpose has been specified for the transfer, in which case we will contact you.

If you use the „cash payment method by mail“, we will send you an email with detailed instructions. Basically, you're sending us cash in the mail.

First of all, you should check whether the payment confirmation has landed in your spam folder, because that happens often and is the most common reason.

If there is nothing there, it is probably because of your transfer has not yet been posted. Because even if you have already made a transfer, it does not mean that the money has already been credited to our account. Transfers usually take a few working days because the banks work with the money and the transfer is only booked afterwards. This means that if you make your transfer on Monday, it will probably not be credited to our account until Tuesday or, depending on the bank, Wednesday or Thursday.

You will only receive one from us once the payment has been credited to us Confirmation of payment.

The transfer time varies depending on the bank. If you e.g. If you live outside of Germany, it may take a few days longer until we receive the payment.

Information about the transfer time can only be given to you by your bank.


You choose the right product, fill in the details in the fields provided and upload the image. Then you add the product to your shopping cart and proceed to the payment process.

Basically we print the passport photo as it is uploaded. Please note that we cannot make any serious changes or we cannot manually reconcile every uploaded image. The passport photo should at best be in .JPG or .PNG file format, as well as in good quality and resolution. For an optimal printing result, the number of pixels should be at least 1000 in height. The entire face, uncut, should be visible on the photo. Photos with several people are unsuitable. The background should be monochrome. If a complete person or a section that is too large can be seen in the photo, we will crop the photo into the correct section before printing. The maximum size for the upload is X MB. Depending on the internet speed and the size of the file, the upload process may take longer. It is best to send us a biometric photo, which was taken by a photographer.

We start production immediately after receipt of payment, this process should take a maximum of one to two working days. We then hand over the ID to Deutsche Post or DHL. Deutsche Post or DHL requires one to three working days for shipping. Weekends and public holidays have a minimal impact on production time. We also reserve the right to adjust the shipping times - we will inform you, but in this case. Your ID will usually arrive after one to three days!

Yes, we will give you the tracking number for a PRIO shipment with Deutsche Post, also for shipping with DHL or DHL Express.

A change is usually no longer possible (see terms and conditions). In this case, please write an email to support immediately with the correct data. However, note that no changes can be made after the start of production unless you order a new ID.

No, special requests are generally not possible.

Cancellation is only possible if production has not yet started (see terms and conditions). In this case, please contact support immediately. As soon as production has started, please note that cancellation is generally no longer possible.

Yes, for delivery to a Packstation please choose shipping with DHL. For delivery to a PO box, a delivery with the Deutsche Post is sufficient.

Yes, that's possible.

Delivery & Shipping

Your ID card will only be produced after successful receipt of payment. After production, we will immediately send the ID and send you a shipping confirmation. If you still have not received the ID 7 working days after the shipping confirmation, please contact our support immediately.

Yes, we also send abroad for an additional charge. However, please note the customs regulations in your country. It is possible that the import of the prank card is prohibited in your country. We are not liable for any problems with customs, etc.

The ID will be sent in a neutral, white bubble envelope. As the sender you will never see "ID-Direct" or anything else - so we ensure an anonymous delivery.